Senate Kentucky 2020 (D-KY)

Truckin' for Change

Working Class, True Blue Kentuckian committed to ending the grip of Mitch McConnell for the working People of the Great Commonwealth of Kentucky. Cast your vote in the Kentucky Democratic Primary June 23rd

  • End Mitch McConnell's Grip on KY
  • Innovational improvements for Kentucky
  • An economy from the Working Class UP
  • Every Voice, Every Soul
  • Pro-American Patriot

Our Wages and Families, Our homes and Faith

The People of Kentucky

Our Wages and Families, Our homes and Faith

Bennie Jerome Smith (D-KY)

I am running for United States Senate 2020 as a change agent to repair the damage that MOSCOW MITCH has caused to the everyday People of Kentucky. I have a map to create innovational improvements to our great Commonwealth, and build an economy from the working class UP. No soul, no voice, no job is too small - I'm fighting for us all, from Louisville to Bowling Green, to the National Mall. The blue collar worker has been squeezed for far too long, and I'm running for Senate to leave the 1980's behind back where it belongs.

Registered with the Federal Election Commission and hard at work and on the road to earn Kentucky's vote.

Follow Smith on the road and route

  • Precinct Captain for Eleanor Jordan for Congress in Newburg Community 1996 – Louisville, KY
  • Independent Candidate for Mayor of Louisville 1998 – Louisville, KY
  • Volunteered for OFA during 2008 Obama-Biden Presidential Campaign 1/08 – 11/08 Charlotte, NC *Administrative Assistant at Mecklenburg County Democratic Party Headquarters 6/08 – 11/08 – Charlotte, NC
  • Volunteered for Jack Conway and Ben Chandler Political Campaigns simultaneously – Lexington, KY 2010
  • Field Organizer, 2012 Obama-Biden Presidential Re-Election Campaign
    Assigned to Avondale and Clifton Communities – Cincinnati, OH
  • Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senator 2014
    Campaigned from March 2013 – September 2013 – Louisville, KY
  • Triple Threat Racing Group in the Commonwealth of Kentucky
  • CDL Class A Driver of Tractor Trailers

Bennie J Smith (D-KY)

Candidate for U.S. Senate
Bennie J. Smith (D-KY)
CLARION CALL TO THE VILLE WESTENDERS!!!… You should exericise your civic duty and take full advantage of EARLY VOTING at the KENTUCKY CENTER for AFRICAN AMERICAN HERITAGE now!!!… *****PLEASE SHARE*****
Bennie J. Smith (D-KY)
Bennie J. Smith (D-KY)
The Man with a Plan!!! Vote Bennie J Smith (D-KY) for U.S. Senator!!! A working class true blue collar Kentuckian for ALL the people...
Bennie J. Smith (D-KY)
"Bennie Smith is a committed young man to the cause of justice." -Anne Braden quoted in the Louisville Courier Journal in November 1998 during Smith's Mayoral run as an Independent. Smith was a civil and human rights activist.…
Bennie J. Smith (D-KY)
Lest we forget...… WE have a civic duty to remove this archaic evil spirit from amongst us---and WE shall do it together as TEAM ONE KENTUCKY!!! "IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE!!!" #flipthesenate
Bennie J. Smith (D-KY)
#VotePlus10 is proud to support Bennie J. Smith D-KY 4 US Senator 2020! #Kentucky voters can commit to voting for Bennie, and everyone can take action to support his campaign. Boost his support by sharing his actions with friends!
Bennie J. Smith (D-KY)
Bennie J. Smith (D-KY)
HAPPY SUNDAY TO ALL MY TWITTER FAMILY, FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES!!! I PRAY you are staying safe and continuing to practice social distancing since we're still not out of the woods yet with this COVID-19 experience.

I'm not taking away your firearm

Mitch McConnell and the current Kentucky GOP paint a picture of what it means to be a Democrat. Let me be clear. I support the 2nd Amendment - all our Constitutional Amendments, am Pro-American and I'm not taking anyone's firearm away. I do support responsible ownership, background checks for felons and the mentally ill, and better security for our citizens.

Time's Up, Mitch

Our time of crisis

As we all go through this pandemic together, we’re one People, one Family, one Kentucky and one America. This is a time for reflection; gratitude for our blessings; prayers to those we’ve lost and for those in danger

Mitch McConnell's choke-hold on Kentucky, the Commonwealth and our United States Senate has to end. Let's leave the 1980's back where they belong.

The last time we had a Democrat in the Senate for Kentucky, their portraits looked like this. It's way past time - we are way overdue for CHANGE.
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for United States Senate 2020
No donation, no voice and no soul is too small. This campaign is for the little guy, for the true-blue working class: A Kentucky for All. Join Bennie Truckin' for Change on his route to the U.S. Senate, to take on Mitch McConnell. Let's #flipthesenate and focus on what KY needs most