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Bennie J Smith is running for U.S. SENATOR 2020 (D-KY) to repair the damage that MOSCOW MITCH has caused. An everyman for the everyday working class Kentuckian, Candidate Smith is a life-long Trucker, literally Truckin' for CHANGE. Join us! Volunteer and make a difference in your community.
National Political Director

Chris J Gilroy

Chris Gilroy, an associate of the Biden campaign, was retained at the end of March 2020 as the National Political Director by candidate Bennie J Smith for U.S. Senate. Gilroy (D-CA), is a 21-year Senior Marketing Strategist, owner of a Web Development and Online Advertising firm, who's privately owned online movement for Vice President Joe Biden at has reached an estimated 4-7 million voters.

A Bay Area native representing Oakland, California, Gilroy has a storied past. Once homeless, he celebrates 18 years of sobriety this May 2020, and raised his 3 children, not unlike Vice President Biden, as a single father since they were infants. His only son suffers from a severe stutter and speech impediment, making his connection to Vice President Biden all the more personal.

This year his one-year anniversary to his new wife, a dietetic student at SFSU, was celebrated in the midst of meeting Dr Jill Biden and joining calls with the Vice President from their garage, which had been transformed into the main station for East Bay Area organizers and volunteers. Mr Gilroy emraces his socio-economic status and his background openly. "I pay rent. I don't own any stocks. I don't have a 401k. I've been working since I was 16 years old and everything I have I paid for myself. Everyday Americans don't relate to a slick talking millionaire politician. Being human; coming from the streets or struggling - it's not something we should see as a liability. Experience isn't just the best teacher, sometimes it's the only teacher. Humanity is our greatest asset. That we know exactly what it's like - that's something people like Mitch McConnell can't connect with no matter how much money he throws at you.

I grew up in the Reagan era in a red California. We were poor. Everybody was either dirt poor or rich - there was no in-between. The problem with GOP trickle-down economics is that it punishes everyday people for not being rich, and it rewards the rich just for being wealthy. That pushes everybody that would be in the middle down to the bottom, and everybody at the bottom down into poverty. There's no pulling yourself up by your bootstraps when you don't have boots and they cost 3X as much for you than they do for the rich white guy in a polo shirt in the gated community down the way. Life was rough and people were desperate in poverty. Gangs, crime, homelessness - these were the casualties of Reagan's economy. Kentucky never left that - it's been stuck in the 1980's ever since. Now, with an even more brutal trickle-down federal system, the average Kentuckian is stuck making the same wages they made 35 years ago. We need to leave the 1980's in the 1980's where they belong. A true-blue collar, working class candidate like Bennie J Smith is exactly who knows and understands the struggle Kentucky faces on a day-to-day basis. Making the rent. How to deal with a used car that needs repairs you can't afford. Why every time you start to get ahead something breaks or the utilities go through the roof and your back to nothing. These are things millionaires like Mitch McConnell just can't understand."

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No donation, no voice and no soul is too small. This campaign is for the little guy, for the true-blue working class: A Kentucky for All. Join Bennie Truckin' for Change on his route to the U.S. Senate, to take on Mitch McConnell. Let's #flipthesenate and focus on what KY needs most